Unseemly Science coverI’m not known for my understanding of mathematical equations but this is hardly Fermat’s theorem: It’s just that the days of sitting in a garret producing your opus, to be passed on to those who will tout it about and make your name for you, are now firmly over. I think a writer will always write, we can’t help it, but in order to make it a profession, and earn the name ‘author’, I think it’s essential to be a good speaker too.

Rod Duncan leads a double life. To members of Leicester Writers’ Club he is a quiet, shy writer who will happily ask for help when he gets into trouble with timing, direction and the best way to fasten a corset. To his students he is a leader, a teacher and an awesome example of what they will become. Last night Rod launched his second book in the phenomenal series, The Fall of The Gas Lit Empire, and performed to both sets, as well as family, friends and curious strangers. It seems he WOWed the pants off everyone equally, as he commanded a large (very hot) lecture theatre and entertained everyone so much that we all refused to leave our seats. Even seeking  the cool of the corridor was not enticement enough, the questions just kept coming. I think what kept us in our seats was Rod’s openness and honesty in his answers… oh and the great comic timing.
See Rod Duncan: Author.